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Avast Activation

Avast, as a cybersecurity product brand, has been around for quite a while now. Users can get both free and paid versions of Avast antivirus. Since it comes with a free password manager and several other add-ons, most users prefer to go with Avast. The paid Avast version is very flexible and robust. Avast antiviruses offer complete protection against all cyber threats and infections. It also features a home network scanning feature and gives mobile security. Moreover, its premium versions are not too costly. As this antivirus is light, it can be downloaded and installed easily. To activate Avast, visit avast.com/activate.

In the current day and age where online business and activities are blooming daily, having a working antivirus installed on your system is a must. There are millions of harmful programs floating online, which can infect your system and steal valuable data. However, with the web-browsing protection of Avast, you can protect your system from every online virus and malware. Avast has been producing antivirus for over three decades now, and is considered to be at the top of the competition.


Get real-time security on your PC by installing Avast antivirus. Activate your subscription and get the ultimate package of antimalware features installed on your system.

In the current day and age, social media and online marketing have overtaken the world with a storm. However, even connecting to an unsafe Wi-Fi connection can infect your system. This may also lead to data theft and ransomware. To prevent such unwanted scenarios, install and activate Avast on your PC. Avast offers several types of antivirus software to fulfill every need of the customers.

How to Download and Install Avast

  1. First, launch any web browser of your preference.
  2. Then, open www.avast.com/activate in the browser.
  3. Now, the website will start determining the operating system of the device when it opens.
  4. Click on the Download button. It will be orange in color and will be present in the center of the screen.
  5. Now, you will be redirected to the download webpage wherein Avast shall choose the right file for your device.
  6. Now, just wait, and the Avast installer file will start to download.
  7. The setup file will download automatically on the device after a span of five seconds.
  8. In case the Avast download does not begin after a minute or so, then just hit the restart it here button located in the center of the webpage for prompting the file to download.
  9. Wait for the download to get over.
  10. Once the download is over, you need to launch the Avast setup file.
  11. Click twice on the file, and it shall launch the setup screen.
  12. Just follow the guidelines on the screen for installation.
  13. Windows:
    • Click on the Yes button when the prompt comes.
    • Click on the green-colored Install option.
    • After that, click on the Continue button.
    • Lastly, click on the Continue button again.
  14. Mac:
    • Click twice on the Avast antivirus box icon.
    • After that, click on the Continue button.
    • Once more, click on Continue.
    • Now, when the prompt comes, click on Agree.
    • Click on the Continue button.
    • When the prompt comes, type the admin password.
    • Click on the Install Software button.

How to Activate Avast Subscription

Follow the steps given below to activate your Avast product.

  1. Locate the Avast icon from the system tray at the bottom.
  2. Right-click on it.
  3. From the context menu, choose Subscription information.
  4. In the following My Subscriptions window, click on the Enter a valid activation code button.
  5. Now, simply input the Avast activation code in the given box.
  6. Click on the green Enter button.
  7. Go to the subscription information for the activation code provided by you.
  8. In case the activation code is for interchangeable items, then just select the listed item and click on the alternative subscription.
  9. Click on the Continue button.
  10. Exit the window.
  11. You have successfully activated Avast.

How to activate Avast Free Antivirus

  1. First, you need to find the Avast icon from the tool tray.
  2. Right-click on Avast.
  3. After that, simply, choose the Registration information option.
  4. Now, a window named My licenses will open.
  5. Locate the Avast Free Antivirus section right beneath Licenses on this PC.
  6. After that, click on the Upgrade Now option.
  7. Move to the Avast Free Antivirus section.
  8. Hit the Select button at the bottom left.
  9. Now, simply click on the cross icon in the next screen.
  10. This will take you back to the My licenses window.
  11. You have now successfully activated your Avast Free antivirus.